Winter's Coffee Obsession

Americans are obsessed with their coffee. I can’t count the times every day that I thumb through social media or Pinterest and see some design in that white foam. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE my coffee. Growing up, my mom owned a coffee cart inside San Francisco’s federal building. These were early days of the latte—before Starbucks was born. Can you think back that long? But Peet’s was around and when I started drinking coffee (sneaking it as a sophomore in high school and loading it with half and half and sugar), I was drinking Peet’s. And not just Peet’s, which is still the strongest coffee I’ve ever tasted—my dad made it with extra heaps of coffee. “If the spoon doesn’t stand up, it’s not coffee.”


In the summer months, I drink a cup or cup and a half and, by then, the day is warm and coffee loses it’s appeal. I’m not an iced coffee drinker, thank goodness. I would literally pound that stuff and bounce off walls.

But in winter…. I’m OBSESSED. It was mochas, then lattes, then peppermint mochas, then vanilla lattes, then soy vanilla lattes, then cappuccinos. Now, it’s a turmeric latte… huh? I’m afraid it’s not at Starbucks (yet!), but it’s kind of like chai only not as sweet—turmeric and cinnamon goodness, it is truly a new type of heaven.

Until the next thing, of course…