Too old to dress up? Impossible!

I LOVE dressing up for Halloween. Maybe it’s because my brain is always full of crazy characters and it’s fun to act them out. Or maybe it’s because I spend my days alone in the basement which leaves me starving for human attention.

Halloween 18.jpg

Whatever the reason, I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. But I have a problem with following directions. (This is true in other areas as well.)

In Halloween costuming, it means I throw something together. I find a crazy feather wreath and turn it into a hat or buy a pair of fake leather pants on super sale and need a way to wear them… Attach a black crow to my arm (not a real one, mind you)

This is SO much fun for me until that moment when someone dressed as an Incredible or a Minion or Peter Pan asks, “What are you?”

To which, I have no good answer… “Uh… crazy raven witch? Bird lady in mourning? Post-apocalyptic Sandra Dee?!”

See below for a close up of my arm ornament which almost put out the eyes of a dozen children. Oops!