Dr. Schwartzman Series

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Book 1

Annabelle Schwartzman is haunted by a husband with a hidden dark side. A husband who threw her across their bedroom. A husband who caused her to lose their unborn child. A husband who refuses to grant her a divorce.

Almost a decade later and thousands of miles away, Schwartzman hasn't stopped looking over her shoulder. Spencer MacDonald is not a man who gives up easily. Or ever. And now he has found her again. Sent her flowers with a note that would be romantic from another man. From Spencer MacDonald, it's a warning. 

A Medical Examiner for the San Francisco Police Department, Schwartzman is not phased by death. But when she arrives at a scene where a dead woman holds a yellow bouquet like the one she received from Spencer, Schwartzman is unnverved. But what she sees next makes it clear that Spencer had something to do with this woman's murder. His alibi, however, is airtight. Spencer MacDonald hasn't left his hometown in South Carolina for many months. 

Knowing she is right, Schwartzman must convince her colleagues in Homicide of the danger and help find the identity of Spencer's accomplice before she becomes the next victim...  



Book 2

Medical examiner Dr. Annabelle Schwartzman was not meant to be idle, which is why she’s back at a murder scene even while reeling from recent chemotherapy treatments. Having undergone a double mastectomy, all she wants to do is dive back into her medical examiner job. It’s a gruesome world, yet Schwartzman takes comfort in its science and precision.

But the crime she’s dealing with brings her right back to the cancer ward: the victim is her own oncologist, dead from ingesting the very chemical used to fight her disease. Now, Schwartzman and homicide inspector Hal Harris must figure out why and stop the culprit before he can act again.

For Schwartzman, the case becomes even more personal. Her abusive ex, Spencer, who’s in prison and seemingly out of the picture, is never far from Annabelle’s mind. But to solve the mystery behind the death of the doctor who saved her life, she’s got to put aside everything else.



Book 3

With her vindictive ex-husband out of prison, San Francisco medical examiner Annabelle Schwartzman is trying harder than ever to move on with her life—by focusing on her job to speak for the victims who can’t. Summoned to a homicide in Golden Gate Park, she realizes that she’d seen the victim just hours before, alive and well in a parked Jeep with a small boy. Now, the woman has been stabbed to death and stripped of her burka, and the child is nowhere to be found.

When an African American student is found dead, bearing knife wounds identical to those of the woman in the park, the press jumps on them as hate crimes. If only they were so easy to explain. There is a connection—but Schwartzman believes it’s something even worse. Her fears are confirmed with the discovery of the next victim.

Now, to stop a vicious killer whose work has only just begun, Schwartzman and Detective Hal Harris must untangle the twisted thread that links it all to the missing boy and a crime buried in the past.